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We understand that you do not always have time to write inspiring and interesting blog posts regularly, nor the inspiration to create engaging social media posts. You may be hitting the boost button on Facebook but not getting reaching the right people. If this sounds familiar, don’t panic, you’re not alone!

Here at Media Jelly, we bring ideas to life with our mix of expert strategists, designers, copywriters, photographers & videographers. We use insights and data along with our creative to maximise the potential of your social media platforms. We’re able to work on one-off projects or work long-term managing your channels. We build robust strategies, killer content calendars and use specialist tools to get you the results and exposure your business deserves.

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn have powerful advertising capabilities; we’re specialists in reaching your target audience and have strategies which enable you to subtly re-market to visitors of your site or customers who meet certain criteria. For example, one of our automotive partners, deploy adverts to customers coming towards the end of their finance term, or who maybe overdue their service; this works hand-in-hand with the email, sms and postal communications we manage for them.

We like consistency and believe it or not, your customers do too. Consistent tone of voice, imagery theme and style help people to instantly recognise you and understand your culture. If your business already has a set of brand / social guideline procedures, we’ll make sure we work within them, if you don’t it maybe something you may want us to produce for you, as it’ll help contributors to your channel stay on focus.

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Whether you want to spruce up your website, give your brand a new look, you’re starting out, need help delivering a global campaign or just want some help getting engagement on your social channels, Media Jelly can help!

Get in touch and let’s make something great together!