It starts with the Website

It is always the website, no matter whether someone is made aware of your company through recommendations, radio advertising, social media, flyers, posters, or paid search advertising. 

At some point, the moment comes when the potential customer lands on your website, Maybe on their mobile phone, tablet or desktop PC. You have only a few seconds to convince your potential customer whether your offer is presented attractively enough for them make contact.

Here at Media Jelly we specialise in the design and development of business websites and do all work with our Norwich based in-house team. We build and design your website and create relevant landing pages for any specific advertising campaigns you may wish to run. 

We build websites to suit all budgets, starting from £250 and can offer integrations with many third party services, whether you’re in the automotive industry, healthcare or retail to name a few. From custom coded sites with bespoke content management systems to more affordable solutions such as WordPress, Joomala and Magento, here at Media Jelly you can be guaranteed an excellent website design, with bespoke content and most of all a website that performs well for your business.

We design your digital identity

From conception to perfect design to technical implementation, you get everything from a single source—no friction losses between different service providers. We have things like search engine marketing and sales promotion targeting from the start of the project.

Beautifully designed websites for all budgets starting from £250

Depending on the company size and sales area, the websites of companies differ in their scope. But together, they require an independent design that is aligned with the goal of the website. Compared to ready-made design templates, there are many advantages in the areas of recognition, image transfer, trust, and corporate design.

While smaller appearances can get by with a one-pager (a single page) or a few sub-pages, large companies can also use Internet portals with hundreds of menu items and tens of thousands of individual pages, Separate pages or small microsites are often set up for brands or subsidiaries. A common challenge is dealing with different languages ​​and/or sales areas.

At Media Jelly, we have experience from hundreds of such projects and advise you in all matters from design to page structure, domain strategy to the transfer of page content. We are also happy to answer the question of the best technical solution.

Content management systems

Almost every project today pays off using a content management system. You can edit navigation points, texts, and images yourself after a short training. On the one hand, you are not dependent on us as a web agency (we prefer to have you as a customer :-), on the other hand, you can make changes yourself without wasting time.

Word Press

Many websites today are powered by the WordPress CMS; here at Media Jelly in Norwich, we use this trusted content management system for many of the websites we produce as it means we can offer great-value website design and development in addition to providing us with a wealth of integrations, features and is simple to use for the both the end user at your company and your customers.


If your website is about direct online sales, a webshop is a logical solution. Webshop systems also offer options for independent processing of product and page content. Magento is one of the most professional webshop systems. Depending on the exact requirement, we also combine this with TYPO3 to combine the possibilities of a webshop with the advantages of a content management system. As a Magento agency, we are happy to answer your questions!

Website design, promo landing pages and microsite from a Norwich based agency, starting from £250

A landing page or microsite is a smaller website on a specific topic. For example, campaign websites are often launched for product launches or events. Links to competition or interactive elements such as videos or online games are standard. We would be happy to advise you whether it would be better to set up a landing page or to create an area or channel on the existing website.

A great website forms the basis for everything. If you want to attract new business, generate more leads and give your company a professional image, start your investment with Media Jelly today. To get started, tell us about your project below or give us a call on 01603 973523.