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Let us properly introduce ourselves

Who are Media Jelly?

Something we haven’t really discussed yet on our website is the planning and thought that went into starting Media Jelly – why we wanted to start the company and the ideas and expertise that we have to be able to offer the brands we work with. So let’s start with the name… 

The meaning behind the name…

Our name, Media Jelly, originated from the basis of being able to mould our passion into something valuable to offer other businesses. We have extensive knowledge in a wide range of marketing and media and we are able to shape this into something powerful. Our wealth of expertise and passion has the ability to be moulded in any shape, just like jelly, into a package that suits the needs of your business or brand. 

About our Managing Director

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Ben Freakley is the main man behind the Media Jelly operation. Ben has had a very interesting working life so far, starting off in the motor trade at the age of 14 as a Saturday boy for a BMW and MINI retailer in Colchester. In fact, he has been around motor dealerships since before he could walk! Moving into marketing and progressing to Head of Marketing roles, Ben really found his passion and has a solid 13 years’ experience behind him, which has seen him work with a whole range of exciting automotive brands including, SEAT, BMW, Harley-Davidson, Porsche, Triumph & Husqvarna.

The industry has really developed in this time with new technologies and trends, which is something Media Jelly is always keeping up to date with and making the most of. 

It has always been Ben’s dream to start a marketing company, and when he recently turned 30, he decided that now was the ideal time to do it. After all, life starts at 30, right? In May this year, Ben took the leap to commit to Media Jelly on a full-time basis which is reaping rewards for him already. He now has a huge opportunity to put his knowledge and expertise that he has gained throughout 13 years in the industry to full use. 

“I was so very nervous and excited to go out and start my own business; but I have been very fortunate to work with truly wonderful, creative and masters of their craft that stand with me, believe in me and continue to push me forwards.”

Where is Media Jelly based?

Media Jelly is based in Norwich, Norfolk. However, because of the nature of our business, we are able to work with companies all over the country and even overseas. 

We currently share an office and workshop space with Autograph Signs and Graphics, which is owned by one of Ben’s long-standing friends. It’s a fantastic place to work from, with a true creative buzz with lots of creativity in the air, but the medium-term aim would be to buy our own funky and modern office and workshop space in Norwich to give us the ability to expand and grow as the business does. 

In the future, we would love to be able to open a second office in the south of England, preferably in the London area and a third in the North. 

The dream is for Media Jelly to become one of the most highly acclaimed and respected marketing agencies in the UK who can also produce in-house print assets, signage and marketing materials to ensure the highest quality and quick turnaround. 

What do we specialise in?

We are very much a company of two divisions: marketing and print services. 

We specialise in providing a whole range of services, all with one thing in common – outstanding quality. We never compromise on our level of service to you, no matter what service you choose from us. Every single client is valuable to us and we hope that this comes across when working with us. Something we are very passionate about is working with smaller start-up companies and being able to watch them grow as a business. 

Our main specialist areas include:

What does the future look like for Media Jelly?

Since starting the company earlier this year, we are amazed and truly grateful for the response we have received so far. The support we have had from family, friends and indeed, clients, has been key to our success. It is a very exciting time for our company and we can’t wait to continue working with our existing clients, as well as developing new relationships with brands. 

If you are interested in learning more about Media Jelly and how we can help grow your brand, please contact Ben here.