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Planning your Social Media Posts

For many businesses who do not have an in-house marketing team with a dedicated Social Media Specialist, running your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter accounts can be fairly overwhelming. Ok, you might post the odd picture every so often, run the occasional poll and even record a quick video update; but are you using these platforms to their full potential, using your time efficiently and generating a return on your advertising spend?

Here at Media Jelly, our agency specialises in managing social media channels for businesses of varying sizes and within a multitude of industries. We are able to help with planning your posting schedule, generating useful and engaging content, building tactical advertising campaigns to generate leads and footfall and nurturing existing leads and customers. Recently we have been working with an ecommerce retailer to help them to maximise their opportunities and have been running a series of adverts to generate new leads and increasing revenue from existing customers by serving ads of additional products and tutorials.

We’d love helping businesses flourish, below we’ve highlighted some key points should you wish to manage your channels yourself; however, we can take away the stress and strain for as little as £90 per month. Why not give us a call on 01603 973523 or drop us a message below to talk through your requirements.

Running your own Company Social Media Channels

The number one thing to remember is to plan! Planning can be a HUGE timesaver for you and your business. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by social media, not knowing what to post, when to post, what to do everyday or how to use it to grow your business – using a social media planner can be a great tool to help you get on top of your planning.

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To get started with your social media planning, enter your details below to download our free social media content planning calendar.

What you should always include within your social media content schedule:

  • Goals or objectives for the month.  This will help you with creating a promotional calendar around your business.
  • Business Promotions – Sales, Launches, New Products, New Programs, Special Offers, Free Shipping)
  • Engaging Content – This is content that is meant to get your customers interacting with you! Could be funny graphics or asking your audience questions to get them talking.
  • Value – The most important thing to plan out is the value you’re going to provide. How are you contributing to your audience and what makes them stay connected to you? This could be free training, resources, tips, or even stories.
  • Blog Posts – Sharing blog posts is an excellent way to drive traffic and provide value!
  • List Building Posts – These are things that will get your audience to subscribe to your email list. Freebies, Opt In’s, Coupons / Discounts, Newsletters
  • Curated Content – This is content you share from other people.
    ***QUICK TIP – Keep a list of 5-10 resources you can pull content from to share with your audience.
  • Events / Public Holidays – Is there a bank holiday or event you want to celebrate?
  • Personal Posts – Let them see you  behind the scenes.
  • And so much more! 

What else do you need to keep in mind?

  • Schedule – How many times a day are you going to post? This will dictate how many posts you need to schedule
  • Daily Tasks – Responding to messages, researching new hashtags, connecting with influencers
  • Following – Are you going to follow new accounts? Are you coming up with ways to grow your following?
  • Commenting – You should be engaging with all people commenting!
  • Advertising – Are you running ads? What’s your objective? Driving traffic, Getting followers, getting opt ins? Plan it out 🙂
  • Sales – What are your sales goals? How many clients do you need?

While it might seem like a lot – by planning it out first, you can simply set aside some time to PRE-SCHEDULE your social media. This will ensure your social media marketing is done and you can focus the rest of your month on hitting your goals and growing your business.

If you’re looking for an easy solution to getting the most out of your social media, consider using Media Jelly’s done-for-you social media marketing service, where you can get a monthly marketing calendar, done for you graphics and branding along with trackers, reporting and monthly reviews to ensure your business goals are being met.

Want to get in touch? Call us on 01603 973527 or tell us about your needs below.